The dog park at Guy Mason is a free public park for dogs and their people. The park features a water fountain, waste bag dispenser, plenty of benches and shade. Human restrooms are available at the Guy Mason Rec Center. Parking is available right next to the park. We are near Glover Park’s commercial strip in Northwest Washington DC.

The good people of Friendship Hospital for Animals have been kind to donate the poop bags.

The Dogs of Guy Mason Alliance (DOGMA) was a group formed to formally establish the park, but does not run or manage the park.


9 Responses to About

  1. Missy Snelling says:

    New Guy Mason looks incredibly great. Cannot wait to use it for my two dogs.

    FYI the two entrance gates are a problem as they are too far off the ground leaving a gap(s) for medium to smaller dogs to exit dogrun into street.

  2. Adriana says:

    It does indeed look great! The DPR has been contacted about the gate height. We noticed it too, and I think even my 40 pound pup could get out! : 0

    • Joe Fiorillo says:

      Even in the dog park. dogs should be supervised and I can find a “required”: height for a gate for a dog park. If this is an issue (safety for dogs and other area park users), establish a campaign, raise some money and have a new higher gate installed.

      • Adriana says:

        Thank you for your comment. The question of the gate height was simply a matter of adjusting the mulch/ground cover, and lowering the gate a few inches. It was too high off the ground, and not a matter of the size of the gate. Happily, this issue was resolved weeks ago. A more recent issue was the gate opening logistics, and this too, was resolved quickly and quietly!

  3. Frances Loretta says:

    Too bad the park after just re-opening is already being overrun by dogwalkers who are violating the park rules. So sad they abuse the facility and prevent others from using it. There are currently almost 20 dogs there with one dogwalker. Not right.

    • frank montoya says:

      we dont understand how after the guymason official dogpark has been completed and reopened that the dogwalkers w big groups are continuing to go to this new nice dogpark. please contact ranger twitty at 202 445 8937 for affirmative action. we know all the dogwalkers that have gone over the years in the past but only two dws remain that go everyday w big groups one at 10.30 and the other between 1-3 of which the latter dw has been annunciating to local peeeps that it has attained “special permisssion” to conduct her daily doggie daycare business at guymason dogrun. PLEASE HELP and lets take dogpark back for the locals!!!

  4. Wonderful news. Thanks to all worked to get it done.

  5. Thank you so much for designing this site Adriana!

    If anyone is looking for DC dog license information the website is: http://doh.dc.gov/node/164952.

  6. Yvonne Jones, DPR Area 3 Manager says:

    Mark Your Calendar: DPR’s First Annual Halloween Dog Masquerade Show will be on Friday, October 31st from 5pm-7pm at the Chevy Chase Recreation Center (41st & Livingston). Please share the event information and we look forward to seeing our canine friends in their costumes on Halloween!

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